My World Wide Baby

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Why Choose Us?

Here at myworldwidebaby , we duly understand the stress and anxiety you go through on a daily basis while looking forward to your surrogacy dreams. This is where our ethical and affordable surrogacy arrangements rightly support you during every step within your surrogacy journey. You don’t need to roam around here and there and can expect the desired solution for all your surrogacy needs right under one roof.

We start our work process by firstly looking for the best surrogate for your requirements and then get ahead with further processes like finding the egg Donor, planning the whole itinerary, while also managing for the best medical and legal support for your surrogacy arrangement.

Hereby we are giving you a basic idea about the core work processes that we follow and the benefits of getting aboard with us.

Surrogate screening

All the surrogates within our records go through a detailed list of tests and diagnosis before getting aboard with us for the selection process. Moreover, once the intended parent is through with the surrogate selection process, they may need to travel to the given country for certain formalities and that is where our end to end support and assistance will come into the picture.

Not only we will take care of your needs and requirements with the best surrogacy programs and plans, but we will further schedule everything from the medical and legal counseling until managing your logistics.

We got your back…Always!

Our highly trained and dedicated staff at myworldwidebaby are further backed by all the experience in managing the “ end to end “ surrogacy journey of all of our valued and esteemed clients around the world.

Most ethical surrogacy programs are really competitive rates

At myworldwidebaby, we always live by the word “Best and most ethical surrogacy program at most affordable rates”. This is a major part of our belief which quotes that every parent who is looking through to fulfill their “parenthood” dreams generally goes through a lot of stress and psychological issues in the process. That is where we always ensure to take care of all of your needs and requirements throughout your surrogacy journey with us.

Localized office

We have ensured our outreach to countries like Kenya, Cambodia, Greece, Dubai, Mexico, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and so on. That’s where we have also tied up with the locally-based IVF clinics and egg donor agencies in order to support you with the best medical services and assistance in the process.

Bringing the best team of medical experts at your service

In order to provide you with the best and most high-quality medical support and services, we have further partnered with the most recognized medical, legal and psychological professionals across the globe.

One-stop solution for all your specific surrogacy needs

Before we start ahead to suggest a specific surrogacy program or a surrogate mother, we first ensure taking a deep dive into your expectations and preferences within the same regards. This way, we ensure going by as per our commitment to serve you in the best manner possible

Pioneers of the surrogacy industry

Our founder has been an intended parent in the past and this is where we duly understand the kind of support and care that you require at every step of your surrogacy journey.