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Surrogacy programs and costs

Even though Surrogacy has appeared as a boon for most of the couples, who were earlier not been able to cherish their dreams of becoming parents, the cost of surrogacy has always came over as a crucial factor in impacting their decisions in the same regards. This is where couples, which are coming with a limited budget (but bigger surrogacy choices), have to look forward to different countries and regions while searching for the best surrogacy plan, rightly suited within their budget and preferences.

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Countries with the best surrogacy plans and costs


Speaking of Australia, only Altruistic (commercial surrogacy) is permitted within the territories of the country and the intended parents can’t put advertisements or notices in media or newspapers in regards to the search of the surrogate mother. On the other side, various surrogacy related processes like surrogate matching and eggs and sperms donations are not permitted within the country. Except a few of the states, only the local couples are allowed to get along with a surrogacy program within the country. Moreover, the cost to the same comes around $50000-$60000.


Canada happens to be a country with the highest happiness quotient and you can surely quote the ethical and affordable surrogacy programs available within the country as one of the biggest reasons for the same. Additionally, only Commercial surrogacy is allowed for the International couples in the country and the cost for the same would come around $90000.


Kenya can surely be quoted as a country with the most affordable surrogacy programs in the list. Well, it’s not just about the cost and the couples can stay assured of getting the best medical services during the process at really reasonable rates. The Country further allows the couples to look forward to their preferred surrogacy arrangement irrespective of their sexual orientation. Moreover, the cost to the same would come in between $40000 to $50000.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is only permitted for the heterosexual couples, be it a local couple or an international one. While the medical facilities and services are quite appreciable in the country, the total cost for a surrogacy program here would make you spend would around $45000.Now, this is where the country usually attracts thousands of International couples every year around that are coming from every part of the globe.

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