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Surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy in USA is subject to the respective laws of various states in the country and specific definitions and guidelines have been put accordingly in regards to types of surrogacy allowed within those territories. On the other side, almost 19 states have laws regarding to commercial surrogacy and that’s been practiced within the territories of these specific states only.

Moreover, various states like California, Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota, and Connecticut are renowned for their state of the art medical facilities and surrogacy programs and the supportive laws for the commercial surrogacy within these states, further makes USA a preferred surrogacy destination for many International couples.

Surrogacy laws in USA

Talking about the other states apart from the above-mentioned, as many as 10 of them recognize Altruistic surrogacy and got legal framework to support the International parents with all the required support and assistance. Most of the legal implications hereby support the smooth transfer of the parentage of the child after the birth as per the existing federal laws of the respective state.

Moreover, International parents from other countries can also look for surrogacy arrangements in United State (US) and every child getting born here would be directly eligible for the US passport irrespective of the citizenship of their Intended parents.

Surrogacy cost in USA

The cost for Surrogacy in USA is something which comes as its only downside for all the International Intended Parents. Keeping apart all the additional costs and expenses related to additional treatments and diagnosis, a basic surrogacy program would cost around between $100,000 and $150,000. Moreover, the cost varies within every state and all of the states have their own specific programs and laws in regards to the surrogacy arrangements within their territories.

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