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Home Surrogacy in USA

US is an excellent surrogacy services destination, with the highest IVF success rate in the world, which is almost close to 100 percent. Myworldwidebaby offers a unique surrogacy program in the USA, through our talented and experienced team of doctors and friendly staff. Our service-oriented team will be providing you with best-in-class personal care and attention throughout the entire process of surrogacy.

The legacy laws vary from State to State across the US. For instance, surrogacy laws are very friendly in California, Connecticut, Delware, District of Columbia, Maine, New Hampshire, Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. At the other extreme are States which are not surrogacy friendly like Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan and New York. In the middle of these two sides are the States which are moderately friendly such as Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah Wisconsin and West Virginia.

The Surrogacy Process in the US

Both parties undergo a complete physical, mental and emotional check-up so that they are fully prepared for the surrogacy process.  

The step by step procedure is explained to the surrogate mother and intended parents. Guiding and supporting you at each step of the process, our team will be giving you complete pre and post-natal care.

You can be fully assured that your surrogate meets medical standards and is doing the same out of her own choice, with support from her immediate family. 

The age for the intended parents as well as the surrogate mother should preferably be below 40 years. Couples can choose from various options such as gestational surrogacy, egg or sperm donation and special embryo adoption.

Typically, the complete surrogacy package fee will cover charges of the agency, surrogate, clinic and legal team. Our surrogacy packages are competently prices, usually costing up to $100,000, but will vary from State to State, depending on various factors like surrogate compensation, living standards and level of medical assistance required etc. Intended parents from across the world, especially European nations, Australia, China, Japan and Argentina take our surrogacy services.

We also help you in the complete documentation process along with providing legal assistance. Language translators can also be made available on request. 


We will be taking care of your accommodation and living expenses during the entire surrogacy process, till the time you leave our premises with your child.  

It is also pertinent to note that the surrogate mother generally belongs to a lower income group, but is residing in a clean and hygienic place for sure.

Legal Status Of Surrogacy

Laws related to surrogacy are one of the most advanced in the USA, as compared to many other lesser-developed nations. They are chalked out in detail, thereby giving complete clarity of the process along with protecting interests of both the surrogate as well as the intended parents. Surrogacy is governed by State laws, not Federal, so the legal status differs from State to State. While working with us, we will choose that you get a compatible surrogate mother match, as per your requirements in a surrogacy friendly State. In many States, you can have your own parental rights, even before the birth of your child, and have a surrogacy contract in place with your rights chalked out.

Gay marriages are legal in the US and names of both parents would be written on the birth certificate of their child. Experienced legal experts will be assisting you throughout the certification procedure.

You will need to consult with us regarding your requirements, and we will guide you with the list of US States, best suited to your unique needs. For instance, if you are a single parent, we will give you a list of places which allow surrogacy for singles in the US. 

Our legal team will guide you with the list of documents to be prepared – surrogacy agreement and pre-birth order or post birth order, as may be applicable in the selected US State.

Tourism Options

A vast country of 50 States, the US offers a wide choice of tourism options for you. Popular tourist spots are Statue of Liberty at New York, President House at the Wasington DC, Hollywood and Venice Beach at the Los Angeles, casinos and gourmet dining at Las Vegas and Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco, the list is very long in fact. Once you select your State for surrogacy process,, then go ahead and zero in on the nearby hotspots that you may like to visit.