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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Within the past few years, Ukraine has become one of the most favorable countries in terms of providing ethical and affordable surrogacy programs for all the International couples. Moreover, commercial surrogacy is legal for only heterosexual couples in the country under the law passed in the year 2000 and anyone from anywhere around the world can come over and seek their dreams of becoming parents in Ukraine. Still before you head along for a surrogacy program in Ukraine, here are some good to know facts about it.

  • Surrogacy process in Ukraine is regulated and managed by the Family code of Ukraine by the Ukraine ministry of justice and public health
  • As per the same family code, if there’s a case where the embryos are developed and matured by the intended parents via IVF, and then been transferred to the womb of the surrogate mother, they would ultimately be called the legal parents of the future child.
  • The law further states that the surrogate mother won’t be having any legal rights on the future child and the intended parents would be the getting their name on the birth certificate.
  • There are specific regulations mentioned in the order in regards to how the IVF clinics can conduct, procedures permitted during the surrogacy and the eligibility criteria regards to the surrogate mother.

How to look around for a surrogacy program in Ukraine?

Once a couple looks ahead for a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine, the first and foremost thing that they have to do is making the government authorities and agencies aware about their medical issues which are acting as a barrier in their parenthood dreams. This can be done whilst presenting the required medical documents from their respective physician in regards to any unsuccessful pregnancy, or the quality of sperm or eggs in the couple.

Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

If you are looking for a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine, you may have to shell out around $38,000 to $51,000 in the whole process. This may be one of the reasons why so many couples around the world opt for Ukraine as their most preferred surrogacy destination.

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