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Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy is the UK is not banned but is still subjected to certain guidelines and rulings laid down by the ministry of health and justice. As per the directives, every intended parent(Local or International) needs to abide by the same legal framework while going ahead with any surrogacy plan within the legal territories of the UK.

Surrogacy Laws in the UK

The current legislation in the UK in regards to Surrogacy states the surrogate mother as the legal parent of the future child even if she is not biologically connected with it. Moreover, if the surrogate mother is a married woman, her husband would become the legal father of the future child automatically.

This is where the Intended parents then need to file for the legal custody of the future child and this need to be done with the mutual consent of the surrogate mother and her husband. On the other side, Intended parents are not allowed to place any advertisements for the surrogate mother and they have to go ahead with the search either by themselves or with the help of a surrogacy agency.

The Court hereby would hold the final rights of placing a judgment in case if there is a dispute between the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy cost in UK

Surrogacy cost in the UK (England, Scotland, and Wales) totally depends on the amount agreed between the intended parents and the surrogate mother and the intended parents may need to cover all the required medical and other costs within the process.

So, if you are an intended parent who is looking for the most ethical and trusted surrogacy program in the UK along with a surrogate mother, you may have to spend around 15000 GBP. This amount is exclusive of any legal fees that have been paid for all the legal formalities during the filing of the custody of the child by the Intended Parents.

This is where it is often been recommended to hire a trusted surrogacy agency to take care of the whole job. Not only you would be able to focus on your routine tasks, but the agency can also save you a lot of time and effort that you otherwise be spending in the searching and screening of the surrogate mother. Besides that, they will also take care of the legal process regarding child custody.

Getting aboard with myworldwidebaby for Surrogacy in the UK

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Hence, we have got the best medical professional and consultants on board to serve you at every step of your surrogacy journey.

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