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Surrogacy in Thailand

Even though Thailand was once been considered as the most preferred destination for all the surrogacy seeking couples across the globe, a federal law passed in the year 2015 has banned commercial surrogacy for all the International couples here.

Surrogacy ban in Thailand

Still, surrogacy isn’t completely banned in Thailand and it is permitted by law for all the married heterosexual Thai couples. Moreover, every couple who is looking for the best and most affordable surrogacy arrangement in the country must come on board as a Thai national and has to be married for a period of at least three years. Additionally, single parents and same-sex parents are not allowed to pursue any kind of surrogacy plan or program within the legal territories of Thailand.

Besides all the above mentioned guidelines, the surrogate mother also needs to be the sibling of one of the couples who are seeking a surrogacy arrangement and she must also be married for at least one year while having a kid in her family. Moreover, the Intended parents hereby need to seek permission from the husband of the same women in order to go ahead with the surrogacy arrangement.

What are your alternatives for Surrogacy in Thailand?

Now, if you are an International couple who are looking forward to the best surrogacy program in Thailand, you may have to look out for some alternative destinations in the wake of the existing ban on surrogacy for International couples in Thailand. Speaking of alternative destinations, you can go for some low-cost surrogacy programs provider destinations like Kenya and Ukraine that have emerged as the new favorite for all the International couples in recent years.

Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya is quite ethical and affordable for most International couples across the globe and there is the reason why it has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for all the Intended parents around. The Surrogacy process is unregulated in the country but still, the Kenyan laws permit the couples to form a family irrespective of their sexual orientation, while also going by the social and ethical orders of the Kenyan society.

Speaking of the cost factors, surrogacy in Kenya may cost you around $45000 after taking all the medical and other expenses into consideration

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine has come up as one of the only countries that allow surrogacy arrangements and programs supported by ART services like IVF and IUI. Moreover, Only Heterosexual couples are allowed to pursue surrogacy within the legal territories of the country and the law further confirms the future child born out of surrogacy belonging to the Intended parents’ right from the start.

This is where the couples can also have their name mentioned on the birth certificate of the child and if we talk about the cost of surrogacy in the country, that would come up to around $42000.

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