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Home Surrogacy in Kenya

Myworldwidebaby offers a unique and affordable surrogacy program in Kenya, through a state-of-the-art infrastructure and talented team of doctors. Our service-oriented team will be providing you with best-in-class personal care and attention throughout the entire process of surrogacy and will be resolving your emotional, medical, legal and financial concerns.

The Surrogacy Process in Kenya

We first take a few tests to check the physical and mental well-being of both the surrogate and the intended parents, thereby ensuring that they are fit to undergo the process. The step by step procedure is explained to the surrogate mother and intended parents. Guiding and supporting you at each step of the process, our team will be giving you complete pre and post-natal care.

The age for the intended parents as well as the surrogate mother should preferably be below 40 years. Couples can choose from various options such as gestational surrogacy, egg or sperm donation and special embryo adoption. Intended parents are also allowed to bring in their own egg, sperm or embryo donors into Kenya. 

Surrogacy charges are extremely cost-effective in Kenya, beginning with $35,000, making it the preferred destination for couples residing in Europe, US, Australia, China, Japan, Argentina and many more nations. These charges are less than half as compared to expensive destination like US.

We also help you in complete documentation along with providing legal assistance. Language translators can also be made available on request. 


We will be helping you select from the available accommodation options and guiding you about the living expenses during the entire surrogacy process, till the time you leave the country with your child.  

It is also pertinent to note that the surrogate mother generally belongs to a lower income group, but is residing in a clean and hygienic place for sure.

Legal Status Of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is legally allowed in Kenya and is not governed by any specific law. Surrogacy is allowed for hetro-sexual married couples and singles in Kenya. The original birth certificate has the name of the biological father. The Kenyan law mandates that the surrogate mother is the legal mother of the new born baby and intended parents will need to take a Parental Code to take the child’s custody and have the intended mother’s name on the birth certificate of the child. The child will also get the citizenship of the intended parents. Our team will be assisting you through the complete process.

Tourism Options

An East African country, Kenya has a beautiful coastline which offers great tourism options which are full of lakelands, mountain highlands and valleys. It also offers rich wildlife views like the Maasai Mara National Reserve which is full of elephants, lions and rhinos. You can go to the Lake Nakuru and see fascinating flamingos and visit Mount Kilimanjaro in the Amboseli National Park. A must see is Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, which houses the Nairobi National Park and an outstanding Karen Blixen museum. You should also plan to visit the Mombasa beaches, the freshwater lake Naivasha and the Hells Gate National Park.