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Surrogacy in Kenya

With all the low-cost surrogacy options and medical services, Kenya has emerged as the most preferred destination for all the couples that are looking to pursue their dreams of having a child via surrogacy. Still, as surrogacy is not regulated by any law here in Kenya, the couples have to be really cautious about few things before getting started.

Surrogacy laws in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya is unregulated and mostly been practiced as a fertility treatment in the country. Still, the best part of the same is that the Kenyan constitution guarantees every couple to form and be a part of the family within the fundamentals and social orders of society. This is where Surrogacy in Kenya has gained some big popularity in the past few years.

While most of the surrounding southern and Southeast Asian countries banning surrogacy for International couples, Kenya has witnessed a big surge in the number of International couples coming to its territory over the past few years. The surrogacy programs and the medical services are quite low in cost and this is where the country has been able to attract some huge visitors every year around as a part of medical tourism.

Even though a couple can pursue a surrogacy program in Kenya irrespective of their sexual orientation, Homosexuality is often been looked with doubtful eyes in the country. So, the couples are always advised to be a bit careful while going ahead and always opt for the most trusted and ethical surrogacy agency for the same purpose.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

A General surrogacy program would cost you around $42000 in Kenya and the cost may vary according to the tests, treatment and diagnosis involved in the surrogacy plan.

Benefits of seeking surrogacy in Kenya

  • intended parents can opt for the most ethical surrogacy plans at really low cost
  • The Kenyan government has permitted every couple(local or International) to pursue a specific surrogacy plan, irrespective of their sexual orientation while following the fundamental and social values of the country
  • While the surrogacy services in Kenya are quite affordable, the country is still known for offering best quality Medical Services to every intended couple coming from various parts of the globe
  • Most of the surrogate mothers in the country opt to live with their respective families during the surrogacy period so an Intended couple can really save some money which they were otherwise going to spend on the accommodation of the surrogate mother.

My Worldwide baby for surrogacy in Kenya

My worldwide baby comes as a subsidiary of the famous ‘ Become parents group’ that was established in the year 2007 and within just a few years, we have made our own big name in the surrogacy domain while providing the most ethical and affordable surrogacy services to more than 1000 couples around.

While carrying all the big experience and expertise around, we are equipped with the best and most proficient medical professionals and consultants on board. Well, this is not it and we have further ensured our global outreach to countries like India, the USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Kenya, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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