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Surrogacy in Colombia

Our surrogacy program is gaining popularity in the country of Columbia due to various reasons. With a systematic and legal process in place for married partners, single parents and LGBT couples, we offer you end-to-end world-class complete surrogacy packages at inexpensive rates. 


The Surrogacy Process in Colombia 

With years of experience in egg donation, IVF and surrogacy, we offer you best services with our well-trained team of surgeons, gynecologists, obstetrics and a very caring nursing staff.

We first take a few tests to check the physical and mental well-being of both the surrogate and the intended parents, thereby ensuring that they are fit to undergo the process. The step by step procedure is explained to the surrogate mother and intended parents. Guiding and supporting you at each step of the process, our team will be giving you complete pre and post-natal care.

The age for the intended parents as well as the surrogate mother should preferably be below 40 years. Couples can choose from various options such as gestational surrogacy, egg or sperm donation and special embryo adoption.

Surrogacy service charges are very affordable in Colombia, making it the preferred destination for couples residing in Europe, US, Australia, China, Japan, Argentina and many more nations. The charges for the entire surrogacy process including IVF or egg donation are less than 50 percent of that of an equivalent surrogacy service in the US. This is possible since the country has a modest cost of living clubbed with a low fee of the surrogate mother.

We also help you in complete documentation along with providing legal assistance. Language translators can also be made available on request. 



We will be taking care of your accommodation and living expenses during the entire surrogacy process, till the time you leave our premises with your child.  

Our surrogate mothers are mostly Columbian locals, who have to undergo a thorough screening program before getting selected. They continue to maintain their regular lifestyle while staying with their families, and are closely assisted with their pregnancies through periodic tests. 


Legal Status Of Surrogacy

Columbia offers a very favourable legal status for single parents, hetrosexual as well as LGBT couples, with the only condition that at the minimum, one of the intended parent has to be genetically related to the child.

Further, it is also legal in this country to select the gender of your to-be-born child, for your family planning purposes. After finding out the gender of the embryo/s, the intended parents can select which one has to be used for the surrogacy procedure. You can go back to your home country taking your baby along, with his/her Columbian citizenship passport, through an easy process which may take up to a month. The birth certificate of the child will carry the names of the intended parents.

We work with leading attorneys who guide our intended parents throughout the complete surrogacy process, till the end, when their name gets documented on the birth certificate of the child. 

Tourism Options

The Latin American country of Columbia is home to astonishing cities of Bogota, Medellín and Cali. You can spend some time in the nature’s lap at Santa Marta and explore the beautiful coffee region. Bogota is Columbia’s capital and has splendid museums and entertainment areas to be toured. Some more famous tourist spots of the country are Las Lajas Cathedral, Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira and the Monserrate and Guadalupe Hill.