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Surrogacy in China

Surrogacy in China is currently banned as per the directives of the ministry of health released in the year 2001. As per the directives, no medical institution or doctors are permitted to conduct any kind of surrogacy arrangement and programs within the legal territories of the Republic of China. Even while the directives have been strictly implemented by most of the institutions, there are still others that are illegally carrying out surrogacy arrangements far away from the eyes of the Chinese authorities.

What are your alternatives to Surrogacy in CHINA?

In the wake of the government’s ban on Surrogacy in China, most of the couples who are looking for a surrogacy program in China have been forced to seek other global destinations in order to realize their parenthood dreams. This is where Kenya has emerged as one of the most sought after Surrogacy destinations for people who were earlier looking for surrogacy in China.

The reason behind the whole popularity of china as a preferred surrogacy destination is their flexible surrogacy policies that allow everyone to seek a surrogacy program, irrespective of their sexual orientation, within the legal territories of the country. Well, that’s not it as Kenya has also become famous amongst International couples due to the highly advanced medical facilities at a really competitive cost.

Advantages of pursuing surrogacy in Kenya

  • Kenya offers the most ethical and affordable surrogacy arrangement as per your specific surrogacy needs
  • Kenya is really flexible in regards to its surrogacy policies and allows everyone to seek their parenthood dreams within its ethical and social values
  • Even while the Medical Services are quite affordable in Kenya, its quality as well is right on par with the rest of the world.
    Most of the surrogate mothers in Kenya prefer to stay with their families during the pregnancy period and this is where the intended parents can save a lot of money which they were otherwise spending on accommodation for the surrogate mother.
  • The surrogate mothers in Kenya are mostly healthy and come with an ideal body mass index.
  • The IVF clinics in the country are also been deemed as one of the best in the world

Choosing my worldwide baby for surrogacy in Kenya

My worldwide baby comes as one of the best and most recognized surrogacy agency in the world. We are a part of the famous ‘become parents’ group that was founded in the year 2007. Over the past few years, we have made our name in the surrogacy domain while providing the best medical support and assistance to all our valued clients on their way to the realization of their parenthood dreams.

Our founder has been a former IP himself so we understand the kind of anxiety and stress you go through the whole surrogacy process. Well, this is where we have brought the best methodology and techniques in place to help you out at every step of your surrogacy journey with us. We are further been backed by a team of best medical professional that is more than capable to take care of all your needs and requirements with surrogacy.

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