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Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada is restricted to certain guidelines and rules within the country and intended parents are not allowed to seek paid surrogacy services from the surrogate mother within the country. Moreover, paid services for human sperms and eggs are strictly prohibited within the Canadian territories. On the other side, Altruistic surrogacy is permitted in the country simply on a condition that surrogates won’t be taken through the surrogacy matching process.

Speaking of the surrogacy agencies in Canada are concerned, they are only permitted to offer paid services to the intended parents in regards to:

  • Recommending the parents with all kind of legal assistance in terms of lawyers, psychologists, fertility clinics, doctors, and hospitals
  • Guiding and counseling the intended parents regarding their surrogacy journey
  • Offering all kind of moral and emotional support to the intended parents during the surrogacy process
  • Services related to a background check and screening of the surrogate mother
  • Assistance provided in regards to any type of documentation and legal formalities that are required to be accomplished within the surrogacy process.
  • Guidance in regards to the background check of the IVF clinics and related services
  • Support provided to the intended parents in regards to their individual medical requirements
  • Scheduling meetings with Intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • Facilitating Logistics support and other services to the intended parents while also managing their travel arrangements
  • Helping the clients with all the data and the records regarding their overall expenses and cost incurred during the trip
  • Acting as a mediator between the intended parents and the surrogate mother during the whole surrogacy arrangement
  • Conducting the DNA testing work during the surrogacy process
  • Helping the intended parents with the filing of the custody of the child after the birth of the baby
  • Benefits of pursuing surrogacy in Canada
  • The cost of surrogacy ($70, 000 ) is really reasonable in Canada as compared to other countries like the USA
  • The born baby readily stays eligible for Canadian citizenship and the intended parents can get back to their countries after completing through all the legal implications in the same regards
  • Canada offers National health care services that would take care of all the related charges to the surrogacy process and other medical services

Why you must opt for my worldwide baby for surrogacy in Canada?

The surrogate world is well recognized as one of the best surrogacy agencies across the globe and it has further ensured its presence in countries like India, the USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Kenya, Cambodia, and Thailand and so on. We have further tied up with some of the best IVF clinics in Canada in order to provide you with the best of medical services and treatments in the process.

As our founder is a former IP, we understand the kind of anxiety and stress you go through during your surrogacy journey and hence offers all the right support and guidance at every step of your journey.