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Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy in Cambodia is banned as per the ruling by the ministry of health and justice stated in November 2016 and each of the government authorities and medical entities were then been directed to implement the same on a strict basis. Although the country has exempted ART and other infertility treatments from the same order, a complete prohibition has been implemented for surrogacy within the legal territories of Cambodia.

What are your alternatives if you are looking for Surrogacy in Cambodia?

Although Surrogacy is prohibited within the legal territories of Cambodia, fertility treatment options like IVF and IUI can be conducted without any legal restrictions. Still, this was something which then led to the illegal transportation of embryos and oocytes in the country by many IVF clinics and there are still few of the clinics that are illegally running the surrogacy operations within the country.

Now as we understand that you won’t really like to pursue those risky illegal arrangements, let us bring you some best suitable alternatives for surrogacy in Cambodia.

Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has emerged as one of the most preferred alternatives to Surrogacy in Cambodia for many international couples around the world. Well, it’s not just about the cost of surrogacy in Kenya which is quite low in comparison to other countries, but the medical treatments other related aspects are quite affordable and ethical in the country.

Benefits of opting for surrogacy in Kenya

  • Cost of surrogacy is quite low in the country along with other medical charges and facilities
  • Intended parents can seek for their preferred surrogacy arrangement irrespective of their sexual orientation
  • The Kenyan government also offer their full support to anyone who is coming to Kenya and seeking a surrogacy arrangement within the social and ethical guidelines of the country
  • Intended parents are deemed as the legal parents of the future child even before it is born
  • Most of surrogate mothers prefer to live with their families on their own so intended parents can really save some good money on the accommodation cost for the surrogate mother.
  • Cost of Surrogacy is ranged between just $50,000 to $60,000.

Why you must opt for my worldwide baby?

Here at my worldwide baby, we take pride in being called upon as one of the best surrogacy agencies across the globe that are coming with some big experience and expertise at its back. We are a subsidiary of the highly renowned “Become parents” group that was established in the year 2007 and helped over 600 couples till now in making them achieve their parenthood dreams. Moreover, we have ensured our outreach to countries like Kenya, Cambodia, Mexico, India, UK, USA, Thailand, Dubai, Canada, and Ukraine while partnering with the best IVF clinics within these countries in the process.

While our founder has been an IP himself, we always ensure providing the best care and support to your surrogacy dreams at every step of your surrogacy journey.