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Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy in Australia is been managed and governed under the state legislature and all of the states within the country have got their own dedicated rules and guidelines related to surrogacy arrangements within the country. Moreover, speaking on the options available for all the International parents in the country, Altruistic surrogacy (commercial surrogacy) is the only permissible surrogacy option for all the heterosexual couples within the country.

Surrogacy for same-sex parents in Australia

There are only a handful of states and cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Victoria, SA and NSW that allows surrogacy to all gay couples or same-sex parents to get along with their surrogacy dreams within the country. On the other side, compensated surrogacy (a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother is been paid more than her total medical expenses in the surrogacy arrangement) is not permitted within the country. On the other side, states like NSW, QLD, and ACT don’t allow Surrogacy to international parents by whatsoever means.

How to search for a surrogate mother in Australia?

If you are an intended parent who is looking for a surrogate mother in Australia, you cannot make the search via advertising or any other modes and must look for the same via your own personal connections or friends’ network. On the other side, the couples are required to conduct the background check and other verifications in regards to the surrogate mother as that will play a big role in ascertaining the overall agreement that will be placed between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

Surrogate screening and diagnosis

Screening of surrogate mothers is mandatory in Australia and the same guideline has been placed in order to check for any kind of health or psychological issues that might impact the overall health and wellbeing of the future child. This might come as an easy task in hand if you are dealing with a surrogate mother but quite tough if you are searching the surrogate mother on your own and must consider the following aspects in mind

  • Try to look for a surrogate mother that has successfully carried a child in the past without any medical complications
  • Ensure that the surrogate mother is been supported by her family on her willingness to carry a child for someone else.
  • Surrogate mother must be healthy in both physical and mental aspects
  • Must be willing to go through a detailed list of tests and diagnosis
  • Must not be addicted to alcohol or smoking

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