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International Surrogacy arrangements

Surrogacy has helped numerous couples around the world who were craving for that little smile at their backyard and the number is ever growing. Moreover, it has come as a blessing for all the couples who cannot conceive on their own and are struggling with various infertility issues. Still this process is prohibited in several countries or been regulated under different state laws which binds a particular set of people to pursue surrogacy within their territory.

What is International surrogacy?

International surrogacy comes as a surrogacy arrangement where the couples are seeking the services of a surrogate mother from a different country. The surrogacy arrangement hereby would be either an altruistic surrogacy or a commercial surrogacy arrangement.

When it comes to the definition of the Altruistic surrogacy, it is generally an arrangement where the surrogate mother get compensated in monetary terms in return for his surrogacy services for the intended parents along with all the medical and legal expenses. Still she wont be making any profits out of this arrangement and that is the core part of this whole agreement.

On the other side, commercial surrogacy is an arrangement where the surrogate mother would be paid over and above the medical and legal expenses she incur during the surrogacy process. She is allowed to make profits out of the same which would be under a mutual agreement with the Intended parents.

Advantages of international surrogacy arrangement to the Intended parents

  • They get a number of options in terms of the surrogacy programs and plans within their specified budget if the cost of surrogacy in their country is high
  • In case if Surrogacy is prohibited in a specific country, the couple can look out for better options in some other country to seek through their parenthood dreams.
  • It comes as blessing for all those single parents and gay couples who often cannot pursue surrogacy within their countries due to certain legal implications
  • Proves beneficial for couples who cannot pursue surrogacy within their own country due to budget limitations.

Why you must choose Surrogate world?

At Surrogate world, we have our business outreach to almost every other country around the world and you can choose from a number of surrogacy options in countries like Kenya, Thailand, Dubai, Mexico, India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Cambodia, Georgia, Ukraine and so on. You simply have to make up your mind in regards to the country you would like to go for and we will take care of the rest in the process. Moreover, in order to ensure a smooth and convenient process, we have our tie ups with one of the best IVF clinics and consultant around the world who would be at your service during every step.