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Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS)

Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is advised for all those couples who are planning for a baby via IVF and want to screen its genetics in terms of any kind of health issue. The screening is usually conducted before the start of the IVF cycle. Moreover, this process is highly recommended to all the old couples who would like to check the probability of carrying forward any kind of genetic health issue to their future child.

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Why PGS (Pre-implantation genetic screening) is important?

  • PGS is highly beneficial for all the couples who are aged above 40 and want to get along with an IVF treatment while checking any genetic health issues within their future child
  • PGS is also recommended to all the women that have gone through several miscarriages in the past due to certain health issue and doesn’t want to risk the future child’s life this time
  • PGS will also make sure that the women undergoing IVF treatment can avoid any kind of genetic or chromosomal issues during their pregnancy period

Benefits of PGS (Pre-implantation genetic screening)

  • PGS, while being used along with PGD, can really help the couples to screen any kind of genetic disease or chromosomal abnormalities within the patient that they won’t like to carry forward to their future child
  • PGS also helps in tracking and monitoring of abnormal embryos and this is where the fertility expert can track and avoid their transportation into the womb during the embryo transfer process
  • PGS also minimized the risk of multiple pregnancies as only the healthy embryos get picked by the fertility experts for the implantation process
  • PGS allows the intended parents to avoid the risk of any kind of inherited health issues getting transported to the future child within the process

Why choose a worldwide baby for PGS?

Here at worldwide baby, we are highly recognized for delivering the best and most affordable surrogacy services and PGS testing services to thousands of couples across the globe. As of now, we have treated numerous people from countries like Kenya, Bangkok, Mexico, Canada, the USA, India, Cambodia, UK and so on. While being the best surrogacy agency around, we are also backed by more than 12 years of experience and a team of highly trained medical professionals.

We duly understand that IVF comes as a painstaking journey that is filled with all the anxiety and stress. Hence we have ensured that every step of your journey is backed by the support and guidance of our trained medical staff that comes on board with tons of experience and expertise

While our founder is an intended parent himself, we always put our best efforts in place to serve down to all of your expectations and requirement. Well, this is the reason why we have tied up with some of the best IVf clinics across the globe and you can rest assured of getting all the best quality services and treatments on course to your surrogacy journey.