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Medical Visa arrangement for International couples

If you are someone who Is living in Ireland and looking for the best surrogacy in Ireland, you might feel a bit disappointed with the absence of any regulation or legal framework in Ireland regarding surrogacy. This is where countries like Kenya have been preferred by most of the people once they look for surrogacy in Ireland and this can be credited to the flexible policies and cheap surrogacy programs in the country.

On the other side, Kenya also allows people from around the world to seek a surrogacy program irrespective of their sexual orientation with best medical services around. Still there is a proper process which you need to follow while applying for the medical visa for Kenya.

Process of getting a Medical Visa for Kenya

Step 1: Completion of the Medical Visa application form

Once you have made up your mind for seeking a surrogacy program in Kenya, you firstly need to obtain the medical visa application from form the Kenyan embassy in Ireland or their official website. You now have to fill the same form and stay ready for an interview which will be conducted in order to ascertain your purpose and requirement to visit the country.

Step 2: Getting all the required documents attached with the application form

The Application form must be coming along with all the required documents which are been asked by the Visa authorities and these might include:

  • A hard copy of the medical visa application form with all the required information
  • Latest Color photos ( Two in Number)
  • A letter signed and sent by a reputed doctor or hospital in Kenya inviting the person for a treatment
  • A letter describing the overall cost of the treatment process
  • Proof of availability of enough funds in order to let you take care of the whole treatment process along with your trip to Kenya.

The list of required documents might change as per your specific case and you must check the website of the Kenyan embassy for any update regarding the same.

Step 3: Submission of the Visa fees

Once the documentation part is completed, you are now required to submit the Visa fees alongside

Step 4: Collecting your Medical Visa from the Kenyan embassy

Once you have submitted all the required documents along with the Visa fees and application form, you will now be contacted by the embassy after the approval gets through for the Medical Visa. Once you receive the message, you can now collect the Medical Visa from the embassy.

How can Surrogate world help you in the whole process?

Here at Surrogate world, our medical consultants are always there to help you through the whole process of Medical visa arrangement and you can always get in touch with us for any query or question in the same regards. Moreover, our ethical and affordable surrogacy programs can really help you all along whilst you look for the best surrogacy in Kenya .We have further tied up with some of the best IVF clinics in the country to support you all the way through to your surrogacy journey.