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Living standards in Ireland

Once a couple thinks about going to a different country, the first and foremost thing they have to do is planning the whole trip along with the required budget. This must been done in accordance to the existing cost of living for that specific country so as the person must not be going through any financial hardships or shortage of money during the trip. Well same goes for a couple who are planning to seek the services of a surrogate mother and when it comes to Surrogacy in Ireland, it really becomes a critical aspect.

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Why you must look for an alternative to Surrogacy to Ireland?

On the other side, there is not legislation in regards to surrogacy in Ireland and this is the biggest reason why most of the couples are looking for other places like Kenya. Within the past few years, Kenya has come up as the most preferred country for all the International parents around the world due to its favorable legislation in regards to the same.

Living standards and cost of trip to Kenya

Kenya is one of those countries which are quite developing in terms of their living standards. Moreover, when it comes to calculate the overall cost for the surrogacy process, logistics, accommodations, legal fees and the hospital fees, you need to shell out somewhere around $65000 for your stay in Kenya.

On the other side, if you are dealing with a surrogate mother in the country, you don’t really have to think about her accommodation as most of the surrogate mother in the country chose to live with their own families during the surrogacy period. This is something which can save a, lot of money for the intended parents while they look forward to a surrogacy arrangement in Kenya.

Why you must choose surrogate world?

Here at Surrogate world, we are coming along with more than 15 years of experience in the same domain with the right knowledge in the same regards. Even though you will be anxious and stressed in regards to your surrogacy journey in the country, we will always be there by your side at every step. Whilst our founder being a former IP himself, we understand the emotions behind all of your efforts in the same regards and that’s why comes along with the best and most affordable surrogacy plan for your specific needs.

We have also tied up with some of the best IVF clinics in the country in order to bring you the best medical services and treatments on board for your surrogacy requirements.