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Gay surrogacy services

Gay surrogacy has come up as a critical element of the overall surrogacy process and it’s solely dependent on the existing rules and guidelines of a particular country. Although Gay surrogacy is banned in most of the countries like India, Bangkok has come up as a good alternative for most of the gay couples around the world with its affordable and ethical surrogacy programs.

Gay surrogacy has often been overlooked in the overall context of the surrogacy concept and this is mainly due to the existing rules and guidelines in the same regards in various countries around. Moreover, Gay surrogacy is mostly banned across many countries around and when we talk about a country like Ireland, there is no existing legal framework and guideline in the same regards. Still this is the reason why most of the Irish people look outside the country in order to seek a solution for their surrogacy requirements.

Surrogacy for Gay couples

Even though Surrogacy is not regulated by laws in Ireland, we at Surrogate world would help you in finding the right and most suitable destination for all your surrogacy requirements. Moreover, we have our business outreach to countries like Kenya where surrogacy is permissible to everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation. On the other side, the surrogacy programs in Kenya are affordable along with the best and most advanced medical services. This is the reason why surrogacy in Kenya comes as the most preferred destination for most of the gay couples around the world.

Surrogacy for same sex parents (women)

Talking about the same sex parents (women) we are specialized in providing the most ethical and trusted surrogacy programs in countries where the surrogacy for same sex parents is permissible. We have further tied up with the most renowned IVF clinics in all those countries in order to support you at every step of your Surrogacy journey forward. It doesn’t matter whether you require an egg donor or a sperm donor; you will be served according to your specific needs and requirements along with your choice of surrogacy programs.

Why you must choose Surrogate world?

AT Surrogate world, we are best known for offering most affordable and ethical surrogacy services to couples irrespective of their sexual orientation. Moreover, with an experience of more than 12 years behind our back, we are specialized in choosing the best suitable surrogacy programs from around the world to suit your specific needs in terms of budget or preference. Contact our customer support team to let us advise you with the best surrogacy option and program to serve your specific needs.