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Legal aspects

Ireland currently has no legislation to govern surrogacy in the country. In the year 2005, the Irish government did publish a detailed report making various recommendations in regards to assisted human reproduction but there were not future developments in the same direction. One of the recommendations which were made was that the commissioning couples would be considered as the parents of the child under the Irish law. As no legal implications have been drafted in the same regards, surrogacy largely remained unregulated in the country and most of the Irish citizens started approaching foreign territories in order to look for their parenthood dreams.

What are you options other than surrogacy in Ireland?

If you are an Irish couple and looking to pursue a surrogacy program in Ireland, there’s very chance that you will need to look towards other countries for the same due to the absence of any legislation in the country. This is where countries like Kenya come as the best and most preferred surrogacy hub for a big number of International parents. Not only the country provides you surrogacy at affordable rates, the medical services are on par with any other developed country around the world.

On the other side, Kenyan law permits everyone to form a family within the social ethics and morale and you can go ahead with a surrogacy program irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Legal process of surrogacy in Kenya

Even though the legislation in Kenya is quite supportive to all the surrogacy programs in the country, the intended parents need to come along with the following documents to initiate the process.

  • Fully completed Intended Parent application form,
  • Copy of agreement between Intended parents & Agency
  • Memorandum of Intent signed between Intended Parents & the Surrogate Mother.

Although it would still be depending on the type of surrogacy pursued by the Intended parents, some of the typical legal requirements include the following:

  • A legal Altruistic agreement drawn between the surrogate mother and the intended parents
  • A legal agreement drawn between the donor and the IVF clinic that is taking care of the surrogate mother
  • An agreement between the donor and the Surrogate mother
  • Application for the Birth Certificate of the future child
  • Attaining a Court order to ascertain the donor as the legal father and/ or mother (however applicable).
  • Consulting with the localized donor’s Embassy and apply/register the future child as a citizen in order to obtain a passport for the same
  • Documents confirming the child’s adoption by donor’s partner (only applicable for heterosexual couples) .On the other side, if one of the donors form the same sex couples wish to adopt the baby, the process would be much easier.


Relevant time frames

Process Expected timeframes
Birth Certificate 3-4 working days after the child’s birth
Court Ruling 12-16 weeks after the child’s birth
Passport (country dependent): 2-14 working days after the child’s birth

How can surrogate world help you in the same?

Here at surrogate world, we have a dedicated team of legal and medical professionals to guide and support you ate every step of your surrogacy journey. Once you get on board with us for your surrogacy requirements, our consultant will help you in making the right choice about the country where you must look for surrogacy options. Once you are done with your decisions, we will then make all the required arrangements, from logistics till the preparation of the required agreements, at your service. Being one of the best names in the surrogacy world for more than 12 years, we got the right knowledge and expertise to make the whole surrogacy journey smooth and convenient for you.