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IUI (intrauterine insemination)

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is referred to the process where the sperm extracted from male testes gets placed into the uterus of the women during the Ovulation phenomena. The process is mainly bee used in certain specific cases where the couples are coping up with their own infertility issues and the female partner may be going through the cervical mucus issues. The procedure is taken into practice along with some ovulation stimulation drugs by the fertility experts.

Now, before getting started with the IUI process, the female partner firstly needs to be screened for any kind of hormonal imbalance, infections, and other issues. The same gets done in order to avoid any sort of health complications during the pregnancy period.

Moreover, IUI is mainly been utilized in order to treat male and female patients that are going through the following health issues

  • Male patients that are going through an issue like low sperm counts, poor motility or low-quality sperm
  • Couples going through certain inexpressible infertility issues in their life
  • Couples dealing with certain egg donors and sperm donors’ within their IVF treatment process
  • Couples that have gone through a number of IVF treatments without any success
  • couples getting through various health issues during their sexual intercourse process (Sexual Dysfunction)
  • Couples that are going through fertility treatment and in taking certain fertility medications

How IUI is practiced during the fertility treatment?

IUI is mainly be used during the Ovulation period along with certain fertility drugs consumed by the female partner to further stimulate her ovaries during the IVF treatment process. Moreover, there are random studies in place that have confirmed the fact that practicing IUI with certain fertility drugs can significantly improve the conceiving chances for the couple under treatment.

Initially, the fertility expert or the patient itself can calculate the timings of the ovulation period with the help of certain Ovulation predictor kits or fertility monitors. The same then needs to be followed by an ultrasound and/or hormone testing for the female partner. The studies conducted in the dame regard have also confirmed that IUI can help couples to combat even the most unexplainable infertility issues.

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