My World Wide Baby

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Q1. I am a US citizen and want to pursue surrogacy in Kenya. What are my options?

Currently, there are no regulations on surrogacy in Kenya but the country still offers the best and most affordable surrogacy programs for every couple across the globe, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Still, the couples are usually advised not to reveal their sexual orientation in public as many religious forums there feel doubtful about same-sex surrogacy. For any further support or assistance, you can contact one of our customer support team members.

Q2.What if I wasn’t to pursue some different countries in order to look for the best suitable surrogacy plans?

Here at my worldwide baby, we have ensured our business outreach to countries like Kenya, Cambodia, Greece, Dubai, Mexico, Thailand, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and so on. Additionally, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics across these countries to ensure the best possible medical care and consultation for your specific surrogacy requirements.

Q3.What is the legal implications if I look for a surrogate mother within my preferred country?

It all depends on the laws and legislations within those countries in regards to surrogacy and you must abide by the travel guidelines and suggestions issued by the department of foreign affairs and trade before going out of your country in order to seek a surrogacy program. To get a better idea about the same process, check out the country based webpages on our website where we have mentioned everything you want to know about before starting ahead with a surrogacy program.

Q4.What is the basic selection criteria followed to select a surrogate mother?

Before we select a surrogate mother, we ensure bringing the following criterion in check:

  • She must be aged between 21-39 years old
  • She must be coming with an ideal BMI between 18-32
  • She must have carried and raised a child in the past without any medical issues
  • Must be coming along with an OB/GYN records and a clearance letter
  • She must not be carrying any addiction to smoking or alcohol
  • Must be coming with a good family background with ethical and moral values
  • Must be ready to go through all the required screening and diagnosis

Q5. What is the total duration of down-regulation until the embryo implantation in case of a surrogacy arrangement in a different country?

The period would be around 6 weeks but you may still need to spend around 15 days within that particular state or country in order to keep up with the required process.

Q6. How would I manage an egg and sperm donor in my surrogacy plan?

You need not worry about that as we come along with our own list of Egg donors and sperm donors which are pre-screened and diagnosed for any mental or physical ailments. The list is made available for you on-demand and we assure you of staying unworried about the quality and competency of the egg and sperm donors.