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Egg donation

While Surrogacy isn’t regulated by legislation in Ireland, most of the couples here choose to seek the same services in some other country. Here at Surrogate world, we can accommodate the same to you for the most affordable and competitive rates within your preferred country. Moreover, when you look for a surrogacy program in some other country, there may be chances that you have to bring an egg donor on board for the same purpose.

Here at Surrogate world, Not only our egg donor profiles are duly screened and tested for any sort of physical or psychological ailment, we check them for any issues in their family background. we understand that its not just about a process, but a world full of hopes and expectation that you will be entering along with us and that’s why we always ensure bringing only the best and most feasible one for your surrogacy needs.

Our Egg donor screening process

Each of our potential egg donors gets through a detailed tests and screening process before coming on board as an Egg donor and these are been done in order to ascertain the overall quality of the eggs retrieved in the donations process. During the screening process, the age of the donor, her genetic profile, physical health and emotional health is evaluated on the basis of certain factors. Once done, the egg donation process is been carried out whilst using the best medical facilities and techniques.

Secondly, our egg donation experts will go through the profiles of the egg donors and evaluate their capability to serve the intended parents in the best manner possible. This way, you can ensure getting the best and most suitable egg donor for your surrogacy needs.

Taking care of the standards and quality of services to ensure higher success rates

Here at Surrogate world, we are known for delivering the highest standards and quality of services in whatsoever treatment or service we offer. Keeping up with the same in the egg donation process, we always ensure that the best and most qualitative methodologies have been used in order to ensure a higher success for the whole process for your parenthood dreams.

As of now, we have helped more than 600 couples from around the world with our ethical and most affordable surrogacy and egg donation services. Moreover, while our founder being an IP himself in the past, we always make sure of taking care of all your worries and stress in the Surrogacy journey.