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Blastocyst culture

The blastocyst is a medical name that has been given to the embryo developed out of the IVF process, once it crosses the fertilization period of 5-6 days altogether. It’s a given that an Embryo has to reach through this required stage of development before getting implanted into the womb of the women undergoing the IVF treatment. However, the development of a blastocyst is completely different than the developmental process of the embryo simply because of the number of cells within the blastocyst.

These are the cells that later gets developed into other special categories like trophectoderm( a stage that plays a key role in the overall implantation process within the uterine lining) and the inner cell mass ( which also supports the increase of the cells within the fetus)

What are the advantages of blastocyst culture ?

Blastocyst culture enhances the overall conception chances of the female during the IVF treatment that may not be achieved by an embryo. While the embryos get transferred during the 3rd day of the fertilization process, blastocyst gets cultured until the 5th to 6th day of the same. Now, this is where it holds the significance of improving the chances of conception for all the couples who are getting through the IVF treatment.

Why Blastocyst culture is deemed important ?

  • Blastocyst culture brought ina better chance for all the couples that have gone through various IVF treatment processes without getting any real success. A Blastocyst culture rightly pushes the start of the embryo transfer process to the uterus within the 3rd day while an embryo couldn’t reach up to that stage even after 3-5 days.
  • A Blastocyst culture facilitates the IVF expert to carry through the implantation of the best available embryo
  • It also eliminated the risk of multiple pregnancies during the IVF process whilst containing the number of embryos getting developed in the process.
  • Blastocyst culture is a kind of blessing for every woman that is aged beyond 37 years

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