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Our surrogates

Surrogacy has come up as a boon for most of the childless couples around the world and it has helped thousands of couples worldwide in making their parenthood dreams realized in the recent years. On the other side, when we talk about Surrogacy programs, the most crucial role is been played by the surrogate mother .Just like that, here at Surrogate world, we always ensure a proper care for all our surrogates so that they can stay healthy in both physical and psychological terms before getting on board with your choice of surrogacy programs.

Pre –requisites for becoming a surrogate mother

  •  A women aged between 22-28 years
  • Having a Healthy body mass index (BMI)
  • Should’ve carried a baby successfully in the past without any medical complications
  • Must not be a person who is addictive to alcohol or smoking
  • Her family must be in full support for her decision and ready to assist and support her during the pregnancy period
  • Willing to go through with the entire Surrogacy process with utmost patience and calmness

Why the surrogates are required to go through a thorough screening process?

  • One of the basic reasons for the same is to check the surrogate mother for any type of physical or psychological ailments
  • checking and monitoring the emotional and physical capability of the surrogate mother to carry the child in her womb for a period of 9 months
  • To make sure that the surrogate mother is supported by her family in all sorts during her surrogacy journey

Screening process for the Surrogate mother

  • Firstly, the Medical, Social and Drug history gets scrutinized in order to ascertain the overall mental , physical and character background of the surrogate mother
  • Lately, further checks regarding the child carried by the surrogate mother gets through in order to measure her capability of successfully carrying a child for the Intended parents
  • Getting along with all the required Medical checkups to test the blood, Hormone levels and other related aspects which may prove crucial during the surrogacy process
  • Getting the background check for the surrogate mother to ascertain her capability of conveying the right moral values and ethics to the future child.

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Surrogates at Surrogate world

At Surrogate world, we have constituted the list of most eligible and feasible surrogate mothers profiles in our records which are rightly checked for any kind of physical, moral or psychological issues in the screening process. Apart from carrying over their screening process, we also ensure that they will be coming along with all the required ethics, morals and social values which the intended parents are looking to be carried forward into their future child. Contact us today for a free consultation on “how we can help you with the best and most affordable surrogacy programs