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Become an egg donor

Speaking of the egg donation process, it usually involves a female volunteer who has agreed to help a couple while donating her eggs to let them conceive with the help of surrogacy or IVF. The whole process is been undertaken by a fertility specialist who will conduct the egg donation process in a laboratory with the help of various assisted reproductive techniques like IVF or else.

How does the egg donation process work?

The whole process goes simple when there is an expert team of fertility specialists around who have all the experience and expertise to carry out the same process. The process starts with the experts ensuring the health and wellbeing of the Donor’s ovaries initially and then goes ahead with a planned approach of extracting eggs with the best medical tools and techniques.

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The donated eggs would then be used for the fertilization process via the IVF process. The fertilization process is majorly been conducted by a team of medical experts within a lab dish where the resultant embryo then gets transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. This gets followed by a detailed list of tests and diagnoses to ascertain the pregnancy after a few weeks.

Why you must choose myworldwidebaby for the egg donation process?

Here at myworldwidebaby, we are equipped and supported by the highly proficient team of physicians and medical consultants who are there to help you during every step of the egg donation process. We duly welcome all the females who would like to donate their eggs to help someone with their conception process. Moreover, we are ready to help these egg donors with all the right guidance and support in case they would like to come on board as a potential surrogate mothers.

Who all can become an egg donor?

To become an egg donor, the person must be :

  • Falling within the age group of 21-35. Additionally, she must be coming with the right mental and physical health
  • Carrying the right height and weight
  • Not carrying any addiction to smoke or alcohol or any kind of drugs
  • Ready to furnish all the details regarding various elements of her health, gynecological history, any surgeries and family’s health background alongside.
  • Willing to go through a detailed gynecological examination.
  • Willing to go by a detailed list of tests and diagnosis which are placed to ascertain her medical condition, mental health, sexual and genetic conditions alongside

Various Egg donations options

Egg donation is a multidimensional process and the donor comes along a number of options in regards to the type of egg donation she can opt for.

Anonymous donors: This kind of egg donors are not allowed to reveal their identity with the intended parents under an agreement with the egg donation agency or surrogacy agency they are working under. The Intended parents would only be provided with limited information about the egg donor within this arrangement.

Known donors: Known donors are the ones that are been familiar to the intended parents by the virtue of their blood relation or general contacts. It could be a friend, cousin or anyone who is willing to donate their eggs to help the couples in the conception process.

Contact our egg donations specialist today in case you have any queries and questions in the same regards.