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Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching comes over as a process that has majorly been used to facilitate the implantation process of the embryo to the women’s womb during the IVF treatment process. Even though the process may seem simple at the first go, it brings over a number of steps that need to be followed during the course of the treatment. This is why most of the couples have been advised to stay calm and composed during the process.

What is assisted hatching?

Assisted hatching is mainly been practiced within the laboratory during the IVF treatment. we know that IVF is mainly about developing the embryo after mixing the sperm and eggs derived from both male and female partners respectively. The same solution is kept under observation for a period of 3 to 6 days until it develops as an embryo. Once the embryos are fully developed and fertilized, the best amongst the lot is then been implanted into the womb of the women undergoing the IVF treatment.

Its been studied by numerous medical experts that once the embryos get developed, it is curved by a protective shell of cells known as zona pellucid. The same protective shell starts breaking with the progress and development of the embryo. That is where the fertility expert would then make a small crack in the outer shell of the embryo right before it gets implanted into the womb of the women undergoing the IVF treatment. This whole process is known as assisted hatching.

Significance of Assisted hatching

  • Assisted hatching has proved its significance in most of the successful pregnancies and births and it has further played a key role in ensuring pregnancies in the case where the eggs cannot be hatched with natural means
  • It is of great support and helps for all of the women that have experienced two or more than two unsuccessful cycles
  • Works perfectly for women aged beyond 35 years that are undergoing the IVF treatment
  • There are certain situations where the embryos carry along with certain abnormalities like thick outer wall and so on, during the IVF treatment. Assisted hatching is quite vital in each of these cases

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