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Surrogacy in Ireland is not bound under any legislation and this is why most of the Irish people prefer to go to another country in search of a feasible surrogacy program. On the other side, when it comes to selecting an ethical and affordable surrogacy program, we at Surrogate world are backed by all the experience and knowledge in the same regards. So when you would be analyzing and evaluating the surrogacy options available worldwide, you would come to pick Kenya as the most appropriate option in the same direction.

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Accommodation in Kenya

So once you will be planning a trip to Kenya to pursue your dreams of Surrogacy, accommodation would come as one of the main points to be considered in the same process. Moreover, Kenya provides a number of options to all the International parents in terms of accommodation and you have a big list of lodges, hotels, guest houses, Home stays to choose from.

Guest houses in Kenya

You will get through a wide number of guest houses in Kenya as far as accommodation choices are concerned. Moreover, you will be getting all the services like lodging and boarding facilities on top of your accommodation .On the other side, there are some High-end guesthouses with great options like en-suite rooms, in-hotel bars, restaurants, parking area and even hot water facilities 24 x 7.

Also, it’s always recommended to personally check the details of the spot and that’s how you can judge the overall facilities provided by the hotel

Home stays in Kenya

Apart from the hotels and the guest houses, you can also go for several home stays in the country which comes in the form of self catered villas, apartments where you can get a homely environment.

How can Surrogate world help you in the same?

At Surrogate world, we have a dedicated team of consultant to assist and guide you at every step of your surrogacy journey in Kenya. They will always be at your side even while you have to decide upon your accommodation, getting knowledge about the major living areas, living standards, prices and other factors.

We will make you available with an accommodation of your choice and you really don’t need to take any stress regarding your stay in the country. All of your required luxuries and amenities will be made available to you during the course of your trip and you will always be in touch with one of our consultants on the course of your Surrogacy journey to Kenya. So relax and enjoy whilst we take care of the rest for your trip to Kenya.