My World Wide Baby

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About us

Surrogate world is one of the most renowned surrogacy agency in Ireland and a subsidiary of famous Become parents group which was established in 2007.With our presence in countries like Kenya, Ukraine, Mexico, UK, USA, Cambodia, Thailand, Canada, Georgia, India and Australia, we have helped more than 600 parents worldwide in making their “parenthood dreams” realized over the years.

While there is no current legislation in Ireland for surrogacy, the process is largely unregulated in the country for many years now. This is the reason we always advise most of our clients to pursue surrogacy options in countries like Kenya, Georgia, Ukraine, and Mexico and so on.

Our Objective

We always work with the core objective of making your surrogacy journey hassle free and emotionally rewarding and this is where you will always find us by your side at every step. To further ensure the same, we offer all the assistance and guidance required by the Intended parents through the whole process: from the initial enquiry till you take the baby home.

Our mission

With our founder being a former IP himself, we understand all the stress and anxiety you carry through whilst looking for a best suitable surrogacy program. That’s why we always ensure delivering the most ethical and affordable surrogacy arrangement right within your budget specification to let you achieve the dreams of becoming a parent .It doesn’t matter if you live in Ireland and want to look out for a surrogacy program in some other country as we will arrange and accommodate everything from start to end to ensure a smooth and convenient surrogacy journey for you.

Our approach

With the sole motive of serving only the best to our valued clients worldwide, we work with the simple approach of offering most ethical and affordable surrogacy programs to all the couple irrespective of their sexual orientation.